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Honey Foods

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Our Delicious Story

“Honey Foods” is one of leading sweet house in twin cities of Telangana.

It was estableshed by
D.Uma Maheshwara Rao Garu
in 1993.

tapeswaram kaja cooking
tapeswaram kaja laddu

Featured Delicacies

See you in Desire

All traditional homely sweets are available

Tapeswaram kaja


2 Pieces

Ariselu Plain


1 Kg

Ariselu plain

Bander Laddu


1 Kg

Bander Laddu

Ariselu Nuvulu Ghee


1 Kg

Avakaya Pickle


1 Kg

Belam Gavallu

Rs. 65

250 grams

We always bring smile to faces

Sweet as mother’s tenderness

Honey Foods

They All Love Our Food

We offer more delightful of Sweets and Pickles. Our products have been fresh, colorful, delicious over the years to best meet our customers’ taste. Try taste the new today!